OAKLAND STRONG: A Boston-Stoneham Strong Fundraiser May 15th, 2013 6pm-2am

Friends & Family of Ben ‘n Nicks!

We are so honored to be hosting a VERY special event in support of some very special individuals. As we all know on April 15th Boston was bombed by two of it’s own residents leaving many people severely injured. While there are many worthy charities and fundraisers for this cause we have decided to put one on in honor of the victims of Stoneham Massachusetts, where several of the most severely injured call home.

We will be hosting this event on May 15th, 2013 on the one month anniversary of the explosions.

Starting at 6pm (going till close baby!) we will be serving up some beer specials (100% proceeds to cause) & a fantastic raffle (100% proceeds to the cause)! We will also be joined by some of Stoneham’s finest here to represent their friends back home and let us all get to know Stoneham a little better.

We will be selling raffle tickets ahead of time from the 5th-15th of May during business hours (CASH ONLY!) and let me just say there are some WICKED AWESOME prizes in the pot (while I can’t give away too much I’ll say it ranges from FREE BEER to sports TICKETS to APPLE products)!!

Why Ben ‘n Nicks? Why Stoneham? We feel that the people found at Ben ‘n Nicks (from our staff to our patrons) really have a true sense of community and camaraderie, we love our patrons & we know you love us back. Stoneham is full of great people just like all of us and on April 15th several of them (friends from childhood) lost limbs & their lives were changed forever. We think between us all we can come together to do a lot to help these people of Stoneham & maybe make part of their life changing times a little easier. From one great community to another, we are OAKLAND-STONEHAM STRONG.

*Monetary donations will be accepted as well, prior or present at the event, please call and ask for a manager for more details (100% proceeds to the cause).

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